Linksys 10/100 PNIC on 486

Eric Ding ericding@MIT.EDU
Sat May 15 00:09:11 1999

Hi John,

> so my question is, Does the driver support 100M on 486's???? 

I'm successfully running a setup nearly identical to yours, except that
I've got kernel 2.0.36.  Also, I do *not* overclock my CPU, though, since that
also winds up increasing my PCI bus speed to 40 MHz which caused my ethernet
cards to get flaky.  Also, I've got a strictly 100 Mbit hub on my intranet,
with which my card works just dandy.

I compile the driver as a module.  I use the following options line, but I
don't think it's mandatory to get things working:

options tulip csr0=0x00A04800

BTW, the motherboard I use is one of the old VLB/ISA/PCI boards.  Worked like
a champ for me for over 3 years, til I recently moved on to a new K6-2 300
CPU and board.