Brian Macy bmacy@sunshinecomputing.com
Wed Mar 31 09:49:51 1999

> Tomorrow you return your 300 cards to the vendor since he dident ship
> what you orderd. Be sure to have an alternative and make foul practice
> costly for those who try to cheat you.

Yep... that's what I did to my distributor when he sent me the first batch
of Netgear FA310TX LiteOn cards. That's why I've been getting the Addtron
AEF-380TX-D and Asante EtherFast 10/100 cards since my distributor specified
"Digitial Chipset" on their descriptions.... if they change I'll chew them
out thoroughly. Which the Samsung isn't specified as a Digital Chipset on
either Samsung's site or my distributor's pages so, even though they
shouldn't, they can swap chipsets and not really violate any promises... I
may grab some from my distributor and see what it on them.

Brian Macy