Steve Madsen steve@moonglade.com
Tue Mar 30 21:04:47 1999

At 08:34 AM 3/30/99 , Chris wrote:
>Unfortunately not as cheap as you used to be able to get Tulip cards for,
>but the Kingston EtheRX PCI that www.necx.com sells for $40.95 is supposedly
>Tulip based.  (Based on comments here, and the description on the web site,
>I don't have direct experience)  Note that NecX sells cheaper cards under
>the same name as well.  I believe these use clone chips.

Just make sure to avoid the EtheRx VP 10/100BASE-TX (KNE110TX) adapter.
 I have one of these and it isn't working with .90Q.

I sent some diagnostic output to the list a week or so ago, but no luck so far.

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