broadcast recieve problem with FA310TX and RH 5.2

Robert G. Brown
Tue Mar 30 00:05:01 1999

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Anthony Rumble wrote:

> Realtek have Tulip based cards?
> I thought realtek only had Ne2000 clone garbage..

They're not tulip cards (I wish).  But genuine cheap tulip cards are
getting harder and harder to find -- after all, THEY are Intel cards now
too, and Intel just doesn't do the low margin thing unless they cannot
avoid it.

The realtek cards may be garbage, but I want to try to get numbers
before I conclude anything one way or another.  For $20/each (US) I can
afford to buy three of them for what I would might pay for one eepro100.
I'm testing them in my home beowulf, so there is no harm done if they
aren't any good.


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