Kenji Yasaka
Thu Mar 25 01:51:32 1999

From: Donald Becker <>
becker>    Your EEPROM is erased or unreadable.
becker>        Your temporary station address is now "Linux" !
becker>        This will work only if you have the only broken machine on your
becker>        network. Please don't leave it like this.

Anyway to solve this?

becker>    Your card hasn't been assigned an IRQ by the PCI BIOS.
becker>        Read "The Solutions" section in

Humm, BIOS reports that my network card has IRQ11, and the same for
/proc/pci. Also, my video card(RIVA 128ZX) is on IRQ11 both on BIOS
reports and on /proc/pci. Could this be a problem?

Anyway despite the fact that /proc/pci reports network card using
IRQ11, tulip.c tells me that its using IRQ0...


Kenji Yasaka
Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance