Ethernet Card PCI DEC 21040/41

D&V Adam
Wed Mar 24 00:11:37 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar  Donald Becker <> wrote:

>> B) In /proc/pci (RedHat), my Ethernet card has assigned the irq 255,
>255 means that no IRQ was assigned.
>Toggle the setting of the "PnP OS" field in the BIOS setup.
Thank you .

I'm not an exepert in hw. I tried to toggle the PnP from BIOS.
Only that, I can't identify where it is. Is my impression that is
missing in my version
of BIOS.
My BIOS: PhoenixBIOS; BIOS Date: 6/9/98; Version: EPP revision 9.00.
The main menu contains:
- Main (System date/time, Primary/Secondary Disks, Memory, Bios
- Advanced (CPU, CacheRam, PCI Config (Slots 1,2,3  with the Enable,
Disable for
Option scan, Master, Latency Timer), I/O, Mouse, Large Disks access)
- Power,
- Boot options,
- Exit (saving/discarding)
Anything else !

>From System Resource report of Win '98,  only the devices of  Crystal
PnP Audio System
are using PnP (or viceversa). (Their modules are well configured and
loaded in linux.)

I really don't know what is the way to configure my PCI DEC 21040/41
card, and if changing the the model from PCI to ISA (I remember that I
have some slots free) the problem will be resolved.
By the way, contacting Support Service of HP, they told me that only
their card works
with my model, HP Pavilion. (plus $$ for_the_support, plus $$ for_
the_card !)
Anyone has an idea (or a similar model ?) ?

Thanks in advance.
Dumitru Adam