Kingston KNE100tx

Christopher E. Brown
Tue Mar 23 17:14:08 1999

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Tom Pacheco wrote:

> just got my KNE100TX working this weekend.
> upgraded to the 2.2.3 kernel... had some problems
> with the V.89 tulip driver that came with it.
> downloaded the v.90 driver & compiled and it seems to work fine.
> are you working with the latest driver?

	To insert a comment here, I have many of the old KNE100TX in use
and 12 of the new in use in servers (6 servers, all have dual networks
for failovers).  Other than needing the new tulip.c for the new cards
there is no diff.  Performance, detection, etc is all the same.

	In short, don't worry about the card, just update the driver.  If
it does not work then there is somthing else wrong (bad card, conflict,

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