NCR53C815 vs Tulip: sharing IRQ fails

Hardware Stuff
Tue Mar 23 01:06:00 1999

   > I'm be happy if I could force either card to a different IRQ, but
   > nothing has worked yet.  Has anyone had this setup working?

   I was in a similar situation a while back and hacked the tulip driver to
   request its IRQ with the same flags as the NCR driver.  Have a look at the
   de4x5 driver to see what to hack.  Look at the request_irq parts. looks like a
better answer.  Switching the SCSI driver from SA_INTERRUPT to
SA_SHIRQ seems to have worked fine.

   > Suggestions?

   Buy a non-brain-damaged motherboard.  By hacking the tulip driver, you can
   make the system function, but you won't likely see great performance from
   the network card.  I never saw much more than 1MB/s even though the card
   was running 100MB/s FD.

Hmm, just ran a simple test (streaming tape compressed backup while
running lots of stuff thru the ethernet) and didn't notice any change
from prior to adding the SCSI controller.