NCR53C815 vs Tulip: sharing IRQ fails...FIXED!

Hardware Stuff
Mon Mar 22 06:47:06 1999

   From: Donald Becker <>

   On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Hardware Stuff wrote:

   > I have a system that's not short on IRQs, but in which the BIOS
   > insists on giving the DTC 3130B NCR53C815 and the D-Link DFE500-Tx
   > 21040 the same IRQ.  The NCR53C815 reports obtaining a shared IRQ and
   > functions fine, while it's impossible to ifconfig the Tulip.  It's an
   > i386 2.0.36 kernel with the latest patches for the NCR.
   > I'm be happy if I could force either card to a different IRQ, but
   > nothing has worked yet.  Has anyone had this setup working?

   Read the instructions in
   for info on how to fix the SCSI driver -- it's using the wrong flags for
   requesting the interrupt.


Changing SA_INTERRUPT to SA_SHIRQ, per the example on the webpage
seems to be working.