21143 observations

Robert Olsson Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se
Thu Mar 18 15:47:26 1999

Eric Seppanen writes:
 > Robert Olsson (Robert.Olsson@data.slu.se) observed:

 > > b) Also locking the 21143 to FDX seems not work. We locked a Cisco
 > > switch 100/FDX. But the 21143 defaults to 100/HDX.
 > This is broken in the for MII media types because the driver changes the 
 > autonegotiation advertisement but does not restart autonegotiation.  Check 
 > out the patch I posted to linux-tulip-bug, should be archived at
 > http://www.tux.org/hypermail/linux-tulip-bug/1999-Mar/0000.html
 > Maybe if I whine I can get Mr. Becker will comment as to whether my patch 
 > does everything correctly... ;)

 Thanks Eric!

 Well I don't know if 100% correct either. But it cures the problem as
 you indicated above...  If I force the 21143 side in FDX it stays in FDX 
 even after reconnecting after a link flap. 

 This is often what I need so it seems like the 21143 boards can now be 
 used -- well at least this mutant of the boards.