depmod, ELF, ?
Fri Mar 12 04:43:28 1999

I have a Linksys EtherFast 10/100 LAN with the Linksys chipset (not the DEC or
PNIC), the card does work with windows nt, but on another partition I'm using
Linux from RedHat 5.2, the linksys web site says that the tulip driver is the
one to use and should work. The driver seems to compile fine with no errors or
anything, I copy the file over to the correct directory, but when I run :

depmod -a

It tells me something like :

modprobe : ELF file unrelocatable

Or something like that. I continue on, since I have no idea what it means and
edit the /etc/conf.modules file adding :
alias eth0 tulip
options tulip options=5 debug=3

I finally reboot, during the boot up I don't see anything for eth0 (at least I
don't think so), I do see that it says that "modprobe : ELF file
unrelocatable" twice. But either way when I run ifconfig it doesn't list eth0.
So does anyone have any ideas what is going wrong? Thanks for listen thus far.