Net booting?

Danilo Godec
Tue Mar 2 12:20:13 1999

On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Danilo Godec wrote:

> I have a Micronet SP2500K - a 21443 based card. It works very nice (they
> even provide Linux drivers - source code - on the company web & ftp
> sites).
> However, when trying to use netboot or etherboot packages to build a boot
> ROM, things get stuck. Usually the boot ROM (erhm, EPROM actually, but
> that shouldn't matter) is simply not detected so nothing happens.
> Sometimes we get a complete lockup just when it should start booting (ie.
> right after the computer BIOS is done).

Just in case someone is interested, it works now - the solution included
editing etherboot code and adding PCI ident. of the Micronet (and Compex)