Digital DE500-BA

Alan Leung
Tue Mar 2 01:42:25 1999

At 03:39 AM 1999/3/2 +0100, M.Brands wrote:
>On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Alan Leung wrote:
>> I have found Digital DE500-BA doesn't work right on tulip driver. It's
>> using 21143. but its work fine on de4x5 driver.
>Could you be more specific? We also have a bunch of DE500-BA cards and
>they work fine at 10 mbps, but not 100 mbps (using the tulip driver). As
>you also mentioned, they work just fine with the DE4x5 driver (both 10 and
>100 mbps).
i am using cross-over cable at the time. 2 machine using DE500-BA. I bought
a switches. I am waiting for the guy send it to me.. So I don't know it is
the problem on cross-over cable or not. But its work fine if one box
running linux and another running windows. just have problem when both box
running linux.
i have no idea which 0.90 driver I have. I just downloaded the src on
monday.. march 1. using kernel 2.2.2-ac6