21140 (100baseTx) w/ dual speed hub

Ken Lierman lierman@comm.mot.com
Wed Jun 30 12:22:02 1999


This isn't linux related, but more a general 21140 question....

I'm working on upgrading a 21140 driver to support 100baseTx.  I'm
running through a dual speed hub to the rest of our ethernet.  When I
initialize the driver in 100baseTx mode, the hub stays in 10baseT mode,
but displays constant link activity.  If I disconnect the cable and plug
it back in, the hub switches to 100baseTx and all is good.

soooo.... am I doing something wrong in the driver, or is there
something about the negiotation I don't understand, or ????

The other interresting thing is the 21140 card that I have in my
computer at home does the exact same thing under windows.... (I've never
setup linux to run it in 100baseTx since I just got my dual speed hub.
I'll try that tonight.)

Thanks for any info/help!!!

Ken Lierman