D-Link DFE-660

Lawrence MacIntyre lpz@ornl.gov
Fri Jun 25 14:25:35 1999

If it's a rebranded Linksys card, I've got the latest PCMCIA and tulip
code and a Linksys cardbus card and it works fine on a Micron Transport
XKE.  I couldn't get it to work without BOTH of these updated software
packages.  get the PCMCIA code from hyper.stanford.edu and the 0.91e
version of tulip.c from Donald Becker's web page.

Brian Macy wrote:
> Ralf Lammers wrote:
> > does anyone know anything about the D-Link DFE-660 PCMCIA network adapter?
> > Well, I tried to use it with the tulip driver, but it does not seem to
> > work. The Linux cardmgr recognizes the Card and automatically loads
> > the tulip_cb module. But ifconfig only display the H/W address
> > 00:80:00:80:00:80 which is definity wrong. The debug-utility 'tulip-diag -e'
> > shows the correct one. Do you think it's because the D-Link card is an 32bit
> > PCMCIA-adapter? I read that this sometime cases problems.
> Well... I believe the DFE-660 is simply a rebranded Linksys card.
> Shoot... I had one of those DLINK cards and forgot what pcmcia driver I
> used. I thought it was a pcnet_cs. Actually my card was only 10Mbps
> Combo so it probably used a different driver than yours.
> Sorry, I can't be of much help.
> BriaN Macy


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