Tulip 0.91e and Digital Celebris GL6200: Success

Helge Meinhard, CERN-EP Helge.Meinhard@cern.ch
Tue Jun 15 02:18:45 1999

Last night, I tried 0.91e on my Celebris GL6200 boxes which came with an
on-board 21142 based interface only allowing for 10 Mb/s. The boxes are
running kernel 2.0.35 (RedHat 5.1). 0.91e is the first driver I tried that
seems to get media detection and autonegotiation right. Here is the short

   0.79   works with "options=12" only
   0.89   "device or resource busy" on insmod
   0.91   works with "options=12" only
   0.91e  works without any options



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