DFE-500TX Rev-E1 doesn't work with IP-aliasing.

Jakob Sandgren jakob@southpole.se
Wed Jun 2 04:50:02 1999

I previously sent a mail to the "linux-tulip" list about problems with
the tulip driver and the new DFE-500TX REV-E1 nic. That problem was
solved by upgrading to v0.91 (4/14/99). It also works with the latest
driver, "tulip.c:v0.91e 5/27/99". 

However, none of these version does work with IP-aliasing. This seems
very strange to me since I guess that the IP aliasing code does not
involve the nic driver(?).

The problem has been verified with two DFE-500TX REV-E1 cards and the
following drivers:
tulip.c:v0.91e 5/27/99
tulip.c:v0.91 4/14/99
de4x5.c:V0.544 1999/5/8

(All with 2.2.9)
Everything works ok with the exact same setup but with a 3c900 nic.

The strangest(?) part of this problem is that ip-aliasing work when
accessing the (virtual) host from the local network. But it's
impossible to access the (virtual) host from other networks. Once or
twice have I received replyes to ping request, but that's it.

It looks more like a routing problem then a nic-driver problem. But
everything works fine with the 3c900 nic.