[LRP] Dec Tulip based NICs

Kevin Traas ktraas@netmaster.ca
Mon Jul 26 15:00:39 1999

> > Hmmm.... . Do you have a fixed environment that you're running them in?
> > i.e. are you forced to specify options when loading the module?
> >
> > We never know what environmental specifics our systems are being placed
> > into; therefore, we need proper auto-sensing of the Ethernet
> We run primarily compiled in versions, though I never had a
> problems with modules.  No special options needed, they come right up
> on 10HD, 100HD and 100FD by autosesne N-WAY.

Well, this sounds great!  I'll have to give these cards another try.

> What failures are you getting??

Various.  I'm out of the office right now, so I can't check/test to see what
we were getting; however, two situations (from memory) we had were:

- Link light (and interface) would alternatively go up and down every 2-3
- On module-load, there'd be error messages about 'MII Tranceiver not

I think we had something else too; however, I can't remember off-the-top
what it was.  And, of course, the info above is not all too useful without
the debug/diag ouput.  Sorry.