Full Duplex Lights

Mogens Kjaer mk@crc.dk
Thu Jul 22 04:05:03 1999

Jason Thomas wrote:
> okay i tested it using rsync and ssh with compression off and encryption
> blowfish.

Still the encryption takes time.

Couldn't you simply do an ftp into /dev/null? Provided your server has a
which is fast enough, or can keep the file in cache, this test gives me
10Mbytes/sek between machines running full duplex on a D-Link switch.

ftp server
get bigfile.dat /dev/null

> It was faster but still only about 2M a sec.  that was beetween an ultrasparc
> and an AMD K6-350 with scsi drives.  I transferred the same 34MB file.
> I think the only explanation is:
> 1) one card is using 10MB's.

You LED's on the switch will show this.

> 2) the network is really flooded.
> 3) the machines are really loaded down. - most probable.
> 4) bad network cables - seems to be a lot of collisions.

At least try ftp, if you don't want to play with ttcp.

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