Update: 2.0 kernels, tulip driver, crashes and reboots (long)

Dave Weis djweis@plconline.com
Mon Jan 25 17:09:41 1999

> > We still don't know exactly what causes the problem or why different
> > kernels seem to affect the problem. What we do know is that with APM and
> > USB disabled we have no problems.
> There are some background hints on how the SMI stuff works with USB devices
> and USB "legacy mode". Thats the mode where SMM code is used to fake I/O
> to the keyboard port and talk USB hidbp to the USB devices from DOS. With
> no keyboard present its reasonable to expect the USB polls to be active.

The box that I was having the problems with had an attached keyboard with
APM and USB off.


David Weis