Asante? was Re: Cheap, good tulips...

Duffey, Harry (Houston)
Mon Jan 11 09:34:21 1999

For that price you can buy Intel Ether Express Pro 10/100 nics that work

To all who are using Tulip based cards.  We have tried different cards
with all of Becker's drivers.  You can eventually get them to work buy
finding the right combination of card and driver.  Plan on spending some
time doing this.  I do understand the tulip based cards are cheaper.

In my opinion, we have switched to Intel cards because they work
everytime with no special tweaking.  As far as performance, we are
running at wire speed (100Mbps) on every benchmark test performed.  If
Linux wants to make it in this Windows dominant world, users are going
to have to be able to plug in an ethernet card and not spend hours
trying to get it to work (By the way, I'm tired of Windows ruling this
world.  I'm ready for a "real" operating system like Linux to take
over).  The Intel cards have done that for us.  I will continue to use
Intel cards both at work and home until I find a cheaper card that you
can plug in and work right from the start.  My time is very valuable.
The time I spent trying to get the Tulip based cards to work properly
(with our switch), I could have bought several Intel cards.

That is something all of you should think about.

p.s.  I've called several Linux hardware vendors and low and behold they
use Intel exclusively on high-end Linux servers and workstations.


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> On 08-Jan-99 Anthony M. Bray wrote:
> > I was looking around my local (Greensboro, NC) CompUSA today, and
> found
> > a card by some people called 'Asante'.  The box is purple with a
> 'works
> > with MacOS' sticker on it, although it claims to work with pc's as
> > well.  Anyway, the picture of the card has a 21140-AE on it,
> although
> > the chip isn't mentioned anywhere else. I'll try to pick one up
> > tomorrow. 
> > If it doesn't work I guess I'll just return it.
> > 
> > Here's the card info on Asante's web page:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > It appears to be available for $49.95 from CompUSA's online website.
> > Here's the link:
> > 
> >
> 0493%2D8
> > 7&cat%5Fid=NICs&TrackingID=0
> > 
> > I'll report whatever I find.
> Anthony,
> You might know this already, but when the DE450's (from Digital) were
> about,
> they had a Mac driver available  (Actually it may have been SMC that
> released
> the driver, but I know we had a Mac with a 2104x based card working in
> it).  I
> assume Asante (a well known Mac Ethernet vendor), have released a
> similar
> product to try and cash in on the market.
> Geoff.
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