LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 LAN Card

Chad Netzer
Sun Jan 10 03:51:41 1999

> I am having a  problem configuring my LinkSys network card on Linux 
> version 2.0.34 .  I am using the tulip driver version 90.  After 
> rebooting the machine I get the following line over and over and over; 
> about once a second:
> eth0: The transmitter stopped! CSR5 is 2678016, CSR6 816e2002.
> Curtis Brune

    I had similar problems with a linksys under RH 5.1, but they
went away when I upgraded to RH5.2 (2.0.36 kernel), even though the
driver was older than ones I had been using to try to fix the problems
under RH 5.1.

   In any case, you should try to use the /etc/modules.conf file to
fix the problem.  If you have a 10baseT network, and a twisted pair
port on the back of the card, try this line in your modules.conf
file (or conf.modules, depending on what it is called on your system)

options tulip options=12 full_duplex=1

A different transceiver type or network speed means you may have to
change the value of one or both numbers.

Also, check the LED on the card's metal tab.  Does the 100Mps light
go on and off sporadically (or regularly).  That was a symptom of mine.
Good luck!

Chad Netzer