A call for Wisecom 21140 Tulip cards (was Re: Cheap, good tulips...)

Maurice Hilarius maurice@harddata.com
Fri Jan 8 20:32:34 1999

With regards to your message at 05:18 PM 01-08-99 -0700, Al Youngwerth.
Where you stated:
>At http://developer.intel.com/design/network/ Intel is advertising the
>21140A as a new part aquired from DEC.
>I've got a call into Arrow (Intel distributor) to check availability.
>Al Youngwerth

Well, when DLink, Netgear, and Kingston all "end-of-lifed" the 21140
versions of their cards I asked them why, and this is what they told me.
So, then I asked Samsung, who use the 21143PC ( which is more expensive
than the 21140) why they did not use the 21140 on their UX Alpha
motherboards and they were told by Intel not to use it as it was out of

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