Cheap, good tulips...

Maurice Hilarius
Fri Jan 8 00:54:44 1999

With regards to your message at 11:36 AM 01-08-99 +1300, Geoff Thompson.
Where you stated:
>I assume you are all aware that you can still buy a Compaq DE-500, and I
>guess there would also be a Compaq DE-450.  I don't know how long this line
>would last for, but over here in New Zealand we have been able to still buy a
>DE-500 (21142/3 based board) since the takeover.  
>Compaq also sell their TI Thunderlan based cards which seem to do the trick
>alright with the tlan driver, (Netflex cards??).  I've also seen the odd
>with a Intel eepro based builtin Ethernet card (which also seem to work
>too much hassle).  I have no real affiliations to a particular type of
NIC, so
>I might be sounding like an ignorant heathen suggesting these.  I assume
>are craving for 21x4x cards because of performance reasons.
The DE450 are end-of-life from qiute a while ago, and DEC/Compaq is selling
off "service parts" but ot cheaply. Once gone that is it.
The DE500AB are still plentiful with the 21143PC chip, but it has been
notorious for media autosense problems with the tulip and de4x5 drivers. At
the cost of $85 they are also relatively expensive.

The Acer ALN-310 with the 21140AE is readily available for $35 each ( less
in larger quantities).

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