Cheap, good tulips...

Robert G. Brown
Thu Jan 7 11:32:04 1999

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> They never responded to my inquiry about dealer locations.  These bozos
> are a write-off as far as I'm concerned!

Sigh.  I wasn't trying to start a war or anything.  Let me put it
another way.  If, on your random searches for network cards, you happen
upon a dealer (like Intrex in NC) who has or can get Wisecom's with
21140's in them, you can use them with Don's tulip driver with
confidence.  I have no idea if they are "linux friendly" or not, and
don't think it matters.  If they discover that a substantial part of
their business is coming from linux folks, they'll become linux friendly
whether they are now or not, just like Adaptec did.  I agree that their
corporate website leaves something to be desired, but so do many.  At
least they have one, which suggests that the company "might" stick
around for a while -- I tend to worry more about whether a company I buy
from might disappear overnight than whether it is a Microsoft lover or

I personally would like it just fine if there were three or four cards
out there with genuine/generic 21140's on them for $30 each.  The more
the merrier -- it is very, very likely that any card found nowadays will
come from a small manufacturer with a limited market, so it isn't at all
surprising that somebody somewhere will be unable to get one of the
cards listed anyway.  It would be nice to be able to update the list of
"supported" cards on Don's tulip page with currently available cards
that are "guaranteed" to work.  To facilitate that, let's try to just
register new cards that work on the list, rather than dis the
manufacturers of the cards that do work, especially for irrelevancies.


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