Cheap, good tulips...

Dan Stromberg
Wed Jan 6 16:36:59 1999

These folks have a "best experienced with internet explorer" image on their
top-level web page - so they're probably not terribly linux-friendly -
probably pretty microsoft-centric.

It's not my decision where anyone (but me) buys, but I'd rather see people
buying from companies that aren't so much on the microsoft (only) bandwagon.

(True, I'm generalizing a bit from just that one image, but it seems a fairly
safe guess.  Hopefully I'm wrong, and they have a great relationship with

Mark Martin wrote:

> A quick search on Yahoo yielded the following URL for Wisecom, Inc.
> I believe that Robert was referring to the WS-D400/D PCI ethernet card.
> Their web site also has a list of dealers and retailers.
> Hope this helps,
> Mark
> P.S. I don't work for Wisecom either.  Nor have I used their products so
> I cannot even echo Robert's endorsement.
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