DEC DC 21140 + LiteOn LNE100TX = system hang

Nelson Minar
Thu Dec 30 19:59:42 1999

I figured out more about my problem with two Tulip ethernet cards and
found a way around it.

The problem was that the BIOS was initializing one of the cards to use
IRQ 15. I don't know why that's a problem, but whenever I ifconfiged
the card on IRQ 15 the system would completely hang.

I reset all the BIOS parameters and suddenly both cards were being set
to IRQ 12. (I suspect that's because I used to have the secondary IDE
channel disabled in the BIOS, so it thought IRQ 15 was free, and now
it doesn't). Sharing the IRQ, everyone's OK and I have a working router.

This BIOS and motherboard are rather old (Phoenix 4.05, TS54P AIO
motherboard), so I suspect that it's not worth chasing this down
anymore. The BIOS is very broken - I'd tell it to assign a specific
IRQ to a specific PCI card, and it wouldn't use it. It also wouldn't
allocate IRQs to the PCI cards even though they were available. Bah!

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