DEC DC 21140 + LiteOn LNE100TX = system hang

Nelson Minar
Thu Dec 30 01:05:58 1999

I have two ethernet cards both using the tulip driver. Either one
works fine if its in the system alone, but when I put both in and try
to enable one of them (the LiteOn) the system hangs solid and I have
to hard reset.

The two cards are a trusty Netgear FA310TX I've used for a year and a
new Kingston KNE110TX courtesy of Pacbell DSL. Chipsets as reported
by /proc/pci are DEC DC 21140 and LiteOn LNE100TX.

Either card in the system by itself works fine.

If I put both cards in the system and load the tulip module, the
kernel IDs both cards fine. If I configure the Netgear card up with
ifconfig it works fine. But then if I bring up the Kingston card the
system locks up.

This seems to be reproducible no matter what slots I put the cards in
or what IRQs they're on. The system doesn't have much in it - just the
two NICs, a cheapo S3 video card, and an IDE controller. I used a past
incarnation of this system (same, but no Kingston card) for a year.

My software is the latest stable: Linux 2.2.13, tulip driver 0.91g,
otherwise pretty stock Redhat 6.1 (accreted over an upgrade or two).

I'm seeing the same problem if I try a Sohoware card, which has a
Macronix chipset also supported by the tulip driver. Maybe the real
problem is my motherboard? Advice on how to diagnose this is most

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