asante rev b, PNIC 21143

Fri Dec 24 02:42:23 1999


If your chip says 21143, I don't think it's a PNIC. I
fried one of my PNIC's last week while wiggling vid
card with the electricity turned on, so I just replaced
that dead Linksys PNIC and the working PNIC with
Kingston 21143's. 21143 is the real DEC Tulip, now
distributed by Intel. PNIC is a knock-off which cuts
corners, but still pretty useful.

I had some trouble with tulip drivers with my PNIC's
until I got driver 91u. I also have kernel 2.2.13, by
Debian package, and a 5-port Linksys switch, which
I am definitely keeping.


Jerry Lee Strong wrote:

> the card is installed in a powerMac 8600/250
> kernel 2.2.13, driver v91g
> right now its hooked up to an ADSL modem and
> would be used for my internet connection;
> eventually i would like to connect to my
> linksys switch to share files/connection with my other macs
> jerry

Use tulip.c:v0.91u 10/15/99 from---

Use the README there.

Place those files in /usr/src/linux/drivers/net.

Also helpful--

#pushd /usr/src/linux/drivers/net
cat Makefile | gawk --source '{
  if ( $3 ~ /auto_irq.o/ print $1 "  " $2 "  " $3 " pci-netif.o ;
  else print $0}' > /tmp/gawk.out
#mv /tmp/gawk.out Makefile

make tulip