compiling tulip under 2.3

Fri Dec 17 15:59:55 1999

That's what I wrote about 1.5 months ago... I have a CNet PRO 120 C (using
Macronix 98715 AEC), and tulip says that "EEPROM Media default is
10BaseT"... Ok, it is 10BaseT, but it should be autosense. And the eeprom
defaults can't be changed.

When I sent the output of tulip-diag to Donald, he said "strange eeprom"
and that was it...

So, Donald, do you have any ideas? :-) (I still haven't tested it with a
100BaseTx link, unfortunately, and I'm not sure whether it will work on 100

Just for your information - I'm talking about all versions of the driver
since 0.89 (including the latest release), on a kernel 2.2.12, and
afterwards - a 2.2.13, driver compiled into kernel.

> From: Ryan Hoegg <RHoegg@CCEX.COM>
> To: ''
> Subject: Re: compiling tulip under 2.3
> Date: 16 Декември 1999 г. 22:26
> I sent the following message to Richard Dynes but got a mail relay error
> from uunet.. here it is
> I have tried them both, and the problem with them is that they do not
> perform media detection correctly on my cards (A CNET PRO200 A PRO 120 C
> is what is on the scanty manual) which have a Macronix MX98715AEC chip
> on them.  The driver is labelled 0.89H.  I will be happy to help patch
> and test the 0.91g code on my machine.  I will go through now and see if
> I can muddle through patching the PCI Resource handling in 0.91g to work
> with the 2.3.xx kernel.  Does anyone know anything else that the driver
> will need to work with 2.3 so I can go for that too?
> --ryan