Problem with FA310TX and Athlon on FIC SD11

Jacek Pliszka
Fri Dec 17 02:24:05 1999


I got the following problem when using Netgear FA310TX
with Athlon on FIC SD11 motherboard:

When I transfer large (~100MB) files both to and from machine at the same
time the network very often hangs up.

When I do:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart

the network works again though the connections are lost.

The problem is for both Red Hat 6.1 and 0.91v of the tulip
driver (just downloaded, compiled and tried).

When I replace FA310TX by 3C509B everything works fine.

When I exchange FA310TX with FA310TX from another PC the problem

Did anybody have similar problem?

Is there any way to solve it?

Thanks for any help,