is 21143/MII a PNIC 21142 rtl8139

Fri Dec 17 01:38:49 1999

Bill Paul wrote:

> Kurt Huwig ( writes:
> >   Hello!
> >   I have problems with a 21143 card
> Ah yes, "a" 21143 card. Of course we all know exactly which card you're
> talking about. No need for you to actually take two or three seconds to
> tell us the manufacturer and model. No, we can figure it out using our
> brand, shiny new telepathic mind probe helmets!

Even a telepathic helmet can't help if we blink and miss
the "+" at the end of the model number, indicating it is
now an rtl8139 instead of a 21143.

Of course that was really a 21142 "21143". Shouldn't
21142's go in the trash can?

I did a lot of searching today to find out which cards
have a real 21143 with MII, or even which one card
does. That should be an FAQ, although one vendor
added a "+" to the old number, slipping in an rtl8139,
so keeping up the FAQ with such tricks going on
would be a project.