Problems compiling tulip 0.91

Ryan Hoegg RHoegg@CCEX.COM
Thu Dec 16 15:18:50 1999

(Nick Said)
...The PCI resource handling was generalized in 2.3...

Hmm.. is that what caused all those Dereferencing pointer to incomplete
type errors and incompatible pointer type etc etc?

Here is the deal.  I am booted under 2.2.13 and trying to compile my
whole 2.3.15 kernel with the 91g driver because the included 89H driver
does not perform media detection correctly on my Macronix 98715
chip-based card.  whew.  Anyway, when I try to compile the kernel with
the modified tulip.c in the /usr/src/linux/drivers/net directory, I get
these errors and it dumps me out of the make.  So I took all 4 versions
of the driver (88, 89, 91, 91g) and put them all in a directory and have
tried to compile them on their own following the compile string at the
end of the file.  Where does the compiler get the definition of the PCI
resource handler data structure when it is compiling this driver?  Do I
have to point the includes to the 2.3 source somehow or does it look at
my running kernel?

To compound the problem I am trying to compile the driver once for use
with two identical cards simultaneously.