Linksys PNIC II glitches

Bryan Stillwell
Thu Dec 2 16:43:39 1999

If you're having problems with your LNE100TX card with a PNIC II chipset I
would recommend reading the thread that I started "Problems with LNE100TX"
from  After putting
much work into figuring out why I was having problems, I was actually able
to help Donald fix a bug in the driver and my nic started working in
linux!  :)

Pretty much all you have to do to get a PNIC II card working is to get the
newest drivers from:

I believe the files you will need are:

Follow the instructions at the end of each file for compiling procedure.
There's a misprint at the bottom of pci-netif.c that lists a file
pci-scan.c, but it really needs to be pci-netif.c.

After you compile both of them to a .o file, just do:
insmod pci-netif.o
insmod tulip.o

After that the card seems to work fine for me.  I've only been using it on
a 10BaseT network, but I'm going to upgrade to 100TX soon to see how well
it works with that.

If you have any other questions on how to get it working, I'll be glad to


On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, jay salmonson wrote:

> Hi Robin,
> Bravo!  I just read your diatribe on the PNIC II chipset as sent to
> the linux-tulip mailing list (and LinkSys):
> I've been struggling to get my NIC (LinkSys LNE100TX w/ PNIC II) working
> on Linux (works on Win98) for weeks, causing me to peruse the archives
> in search of some info that I may have overlooked.  While I've found
> numerous (largely unanswered) complaints voiced about this card (just
> look thru the archive subject headers), your post was the first to get
> thru to me that maybe there are still some problems with the
> compatability of this card with Linux.  It was a breath of fresh air. 
> I'm going to take my card out and stomp the s**t out of it! :^)
> Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts.
> Jay