2.2.11 and tulip.c issues

Robert G. Brown rgb@phy.duke.edu
Thu Aug 19 14:41:52 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Aron Griffis wrote:

> The NIC is integrated on the motherboard.  I tried moving the video
> card around but it changed nothing.
> >   c) Finally (and most likely) there is an affliction that MANY tulip
> > cards of years past have had in which they basically lie when they pass
> > their PCI configuration back to the kernel.  The lie involved a
> > dysfunctional ioport.  The characteristic of this bug is that it was
> > repaired with exactly the same sequence of unloading and reloading the
> > module you describe above.  In those cards, the ioport shifted between
> > the first load and the second -- this was one characteristic of the bug.
> In my case, the ioport hasn't changed when I've unloaded and reloaded
> the module.  Additionally, although the bug is "repaired", if I
> re-enter X, the interface breaks again.
> > I wrote a patch to solve this problem for 0.89H that I include below.
> > Note that according to Don this patch "should" not be necessary, but the
> > sad fact is that for many systems it works to solve the problem (both
> > for the tulip and de4x5 drivers) regardless of where the problem REALLY
> > lies.  It isn't entirely without documentary support -- the algorithm
> > employed I adopted from something given in Rubini's Linux Device Drivers
> > (O'Reilly bronco) book.
> I will give the patch a try.  Thanks.

Unfortunately, if the ioport doesn't shift I'm going to guess that the
patch doesn't help.  Its beginning to sound more like some kernel
resource is overlapping -- perhaps a memory-mapped region?  -- with the
X server.  Because I've used the tulip driver for a long time with many
cards, I'd like to think that it isn't the NIC driver but is more likely
a bug in the X server.

Sorry, I wish I could help more, but it sounds like you're going to have
to get more information to proceed.  Check to be sure that the memory
regions assigned to each device (but especially the VGA card and NIC)
are not overlapping (/proc/ioports).  Maybe somebody else on the list(s)
has a better idea.


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