kne100tx problems

Dana M. Epp
Tue Aug 10 15:49:40 1999

I don't know what to say with the Kingston cards. Ever since they were
moved to the 21143 chip, I can NOT get multiple cards in a single box to
work. When trying to make a routing bridge with the cards, one card will
come up, but the other won't. If it DOES come up, after about a minute I

eth0: Tx hung, 24 vs. 9.

I am using the 0.91g driver and its not seeming to work. Funny thing was
that the 21140 NEVER gave me problems. I was running multiport cards up
to 16 ethernet segments in one box without problems. Now.... I can't
even get 2 working.

I have tried FORCING modes with the options in the module, but to no

Anyone else have this problem, and have a solution?

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