Looking for Cardbus ethernet

David Coons dave@artscans.com
Fri Aug 6 17:55:52 1999

> I personally use the LinkSys EtherFast 10/100 CardBus.  Uses a genuine
> Intel Tulip.  I am running it on my ThinkPad 770 successfully.


Someone else recommended a Farallon card as well.  On what basis should
I pick one of these... cost, size, driver support, ease of use?
Our network consists of a bunch of identical SMC Etherpower 10/100 PCI
cards in all the workstations and server, all connected to a cheap
hub that I'd like to upgrade someday to a switch.

I'd also be interested in how you partitioned your 770 for Linux.
My 570 came with 2G Win98 hard partition and an empty 1.8G Fat32
logical partition attached to the second hard partition.  I purchased
Partition Magic, and could, of course use the standard FIPS and FDISK.