Problems with Adaptec 6911 card(s)

Ruediger Oberhage ruediger@next12.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Wed Aug 4 03:53:00 1999

Good morning!

May I introduce myself with a cry for help :-).

We do have several machines equipped with Adaptec 6911 cards
(ours are ones with twisted-pair and BNC connector) and I do
have the same problem that

Sami Yousif (

reported on Mon, 26 Jul 1999 16:12:49 -0500 as
"Adaptec ANA6911a not working w/ tulip driver, but works with
de driver" (TUX archive for linux-tulip),

but with a significant difference; for us, the de(4x5) driver
also doesn't(!) work. The only difference I see to the previous
message is, that for us the revision number of the card(s) reads
rev 65 (instead of rev 21).

Otherwise the diagnostic and error-dumps of that previous
message would be exactly mine and it are the
"No MII interrupt.
 No MII transceivers found!"
that worry me, since the system is connected via 10baseT
at the moment.

With our (until now) main operating system (OPENSTEP), we have
no problem driving the card with the (generic) 21x4x-driver!
It does work and negotiate the link correctly [- it does have
a problem, once it loses a previously established connection,
but that's another probelm].

I can confirm this problem with Debian/GNU Linux 2.1 (slink)
(kernel 2.0.36) for the driver versions 0.89, 0.91, 0.91e, and
0.91g and for SuSE version 6.1's (kernel 2.2) native driver (0.88?).
Always the same problem.

Is there any chance for a quick fix or solution - otherwise I
would have to buy additional network cards for the machines going
to or dualbooting as Linux systems - which would be a pity and
waste, in my opinion.

 Ruediger Oberhage
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