21143 DEC FL100TX

Stephen Mills smills@lan1.com.au
Fri Sep 25 02:37:54 1998

Hi James,
thanks for the advice mate.....but unfortunaltely after compiling and
loading that driver, it crashed my machine when it was loading the driver !
and spewed aaif errors at me.....

Stephen Mills.

p.s - sorry for the late reply, but Ive been busy onsite work and havent had
time to muck around in the lab :)

>On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Stephen Mills wrote:
>> G'day Tulip Listeners !
>> Ive got a problem getting my DEC 21143 network cards to work under Linux
>> using the newest driver 0.88.  Ive tested it with a DEC 21140 network
>Did you try the tulip.c:v0.89K at
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