Problems with tulip 0.89K p-to-p and simplex link questions

Thu Sep 24 23:43:16 1998

On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Sam Mosel wrote:

> Greetings,
> Here's something to get your teeth into...
> I have 2 machines direct connected via secondary NICs. The NICs are
> Digital DE-500-FA 100Mbps Fibre cards. They have a separate fibre for
> Tx & Rx, and I have them crossed over. These are of course tulip cards.


How long are your fiber jumpers (patch cords I'll assume)??
You may know this but there is a thing called a sunburst effect that
ocures on short fiber runs (or so I've been told). I've been told
9 foot is the shortest you should run. I've used 12 foot to be

Your problem may indeed be driver related but I thought I'ed throw 
this little piece of info out.