89K freezes System under 2.1.122

Jamie Flournoy jamie@westlake.com
Wed Sep 23 23:25:35 1998

Yes I have the same problem (and the same laptop, almost). I followed
Tom's nice instructions and the tulip module installs, but when you try
to configure eth0 with an address etc. the machine hangs and has to be
power cycled (ouch!!).

The kernel is 2.1.122, tulip 0.89K, the hardware is a Hitachi VisionBook
Pro 7755 (which I am pretty sure has the exact same guts as Tom's 7580).

Does this mean that the older kernels work, and 2.1.122 broke something?
I would be happy to use an older kernel if needed... all I want is not
to have to use NT! :)

Jamie Flournoy