Problem with Adaptec 4-port fast Ethernet in AlphaPC

Quant-X Alpha Linux Support
Fri Sep 18 18:23:25 1998

Hi Jay !

> The fix at the end simply makes sure that the additional register on the
> 21152 bridge is cleared, so that it *will* pass the addresses correctly for
> the devices behind it.

Yes, it seems to work here, I just booted a SX nfs-rooted, I can't
believe it, but it seems to work w/o problems.

> Good luck, hope this is helpful. I'll continue looking into the PYXIS
> problem over the weekend; please share any experiences you may have...

Thanks for the patch. The PYXIS machine check problem is not very
important for me (or am I wrong ? rth says that graceful SRM reboot
should work, but with the 4-port card I get a machine check on reboot...).
This is no real problem at moment here, but if you need exact reports
contact me... I have not tried 2.1.122-rth18 without a 4-port card because
I'm a bit stressed; maybe it's an independent problem.

  ciao -


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