Problem with Adaptec 4-port fast Ethernet in AlphaPC

Quant-X Alpha Linux Support
Fri Sep 18 15:55:56 1998

Hi Don !

> we are building a Linux Alpha (LX164) cluster using the Adaptec 4-port
> ANA-6944A/TX fast Ethernet card.  We have several of these, they
> all work in Pentium II machines.  However, none of them work on the
> Alphas.  The driver we are using is 0.89K tulip.c and kernel 2.0.35.
> The DE4x5 driver does not work on the Alpha either.

At moment, it seems that both ANA-6944A/TX and Intraserver ITI-5232E
do not work under AXP-Linux (even under 2.1.122-rth-18).
This is _not_ a tulip problem, it's IMHO a PCI problem under
If anybody has such a card work under Linux/AXP; speak now
(which board, which console, which kernel, which tulip/de4x5)
or be quiet forever... ;-(

Intraserver told me that it does work using the latest DE4x5 but
I think that they never tried it. So I have 4 cards here (to build
a cluster, too) and now I went crazy because I need them running
until Monday 10:00 GMT. Intraserver NET/SCSI combo-cards do not
work, too...

  ciao -

PS.: I've seen this on LX && SX boards, SRM && AlphaBIOS. And like
     you reported, it works without problems under Linux/i386.


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