weird kernel 'unaligned trap' messages on an Alpha

Metod Kozelj
Sat Sep 5 06:55:25 1998


On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Alexander L. Belikoff wrote:

> Has anybody seen the kernel trap messages with RedHat 5.2beta1 on an
> Alpha? I've rebuild the kernel shipped by RedHat with a custom
> configuration and now when I reboot it all starts:

[ snip ]

> tulip.c:v0.88 4/7/98
> eth0: Digital DS21140 Tulip at 0x9000, 00 00 c0 bc d9 e4, IRQ 18.

[ snip ]

>  sda:kernel: unaligned trap at fffffc00003a666c: fffffc000003a1be 28 1
> kernel: unaligned trap at fffffc00003a6680: fffffc000003a1c2 28 2
> kernel: unaligned trap at fffffc00003a666c: fffffc000003a1ce 28 1
> kernel: unaligned trap at fffffc00003a6680: fffffc000003a1d2 28 2

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> Since I compiled the kernel with the newest tulip driver, I though it
> might be the latter, so I tried to recompile the kernel with an older
> version of the driver (0.88 vs 0.89K). When I shut the system down, I
> received the following:

I'm using RedHat 5.0. With the shipped kernel I was also getting tons of
kernel unailgned traps. Then I fetched latest stable kernel (stock,
2.0.35) and latest tulip driver (at the time it was 0.99E. There may exist
newer one). After 34 days of uptime I haven't got single kernel unaligned


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