Netgear ethernet cards no longer Tulip

Jon Lewis
Fri Sep 4 01:17:23 1998

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998, John Munoz wrote:

> Is this an inexpensive 3 port (eth0 eth1 eth2) 100tx Tulip implementation?  I am limited
> on PCI slots and eth ports.

No.  I was just trying to demonstrate that I had 3 of them in a system
with no trouble and that renegotiation after power-on didn't appear to be
a problem.  I assume the renegotiation was a driver issue.  Earlier
versions of the driver on earlier versions (DEC 21140) of the FA310TX
would not renegotiate for me after power-on.  If the card wasn't plugged
into our switch on bootup, I'd have to reboot to get it working.

If anyone knows of inexpensive multiport tulip cards, I'd like to know
about it.

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