DE-500 Intermittent Lock up

Michael D. Myjak
Thu Sep 3 14:35:08 1998


We just bought a 5-pack of DE-500 with the Tulip chip set (21140 I
believe) and installed them in a set of new Dell Dimension 400's.  We
started developing an intermittent lock-up problem on one PII-400
running NT . The state of the interface is odd...  Apparently we can
still "share" disk partitions local to the LAN, but routed information
(I speculate requiring the default route) appears to fail.  So under
this scenario, we cannot, for example, ping the internet, resolve DNS
entries (our server is not local to this site), or touch anything other
than directly connected MAC addresses.  After a couple of minutes, this
condition corrects itself.

Until the next time... any ideas?  Obviously, with NT we don't have the
luxury of running ifconfig down/up.

Best regards  --
Michael Myjak
Vice President R&D
The Virtual Workshop
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Titusville, FL  32781