interface dies under network load on SMP machines

Frank Koenen
Thu Sep 3 01:13:03 1998

"The interface goes dead from time to time without leaving any log
 messages - a simple ifconfig down/up brings them back to live."

"Wonder if this might be a problem outside the tulip driver?"

I'm still trying to determine the problem with the dying network
interface... can anyone give me some direction on how I could go
about diagnosing the problem better? Is there any debug diagnostics I could
run on the interface cards?

I noticed the Tulip web site is showing version "tulip.c:v0.89H
5/23/98" as the latest version. My tulip.c is showing "tulip.c:v0.89I
7/26/98". Is there a newer version I could test? Should I try using
the 0.89H version even though it is older than the one I'm using?

In my case, doing an ifconfig up/down does not always correct the

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