New Netgear/Lite-on

Jon Lewis
Tue Sep 1 13:45:14 1998

I finally installed that system with the 3 new Netgear cards that no
longer have DEC chips.  The 2.0.34 kernel with tulip 0.88 saw the cards
but not the MII transceiver...thus the card was seen, but not usable.

I managed to get the 0.89H driver from Don's web site and built it, and
now the MII is seen and all seems to be well.  I'm at a remote site (about
180mi from home) and didn't bring the Netgear packaging with me...but
IIRC, the linux driver they include on the floppy was not this new...and
probably doesn't really support their new cards.  Annoying of them to do

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