more "new netgear" problems

Brian Ward
Sat Oct 31 11:21:28 1998

These new FA310TX cards are showing up all over the place now, and we just
got a mixed batch of the ones with the old DEC chips and the new Lite-On
things- the one I've unpacked says "NGMC169B / 9830 / AN3130.1" on it. The
board is rev D1.

Basically the long and short of this is that I can't get the new one to
work with on a 10BaseT network. I've looked at the archives of the list and
have seen some success stories - so I tried what others have tried (kernels
2.0.34 and 2.1.123), with no results. I have not tried it on a 100BT
network yet.

I'm not quite sure where it's messing up - it reads the ethernet address ok,
seems to find the MII, but it sees no packets. With the newest version of
the driver, "The transmitter has stopped" is reported. Hm.

So does anyone have a hint on this before I start hacking away? Or, um, I
can probably arrange for this thing to find its way into Donald's hands if
that would do any good..