v0.90 driver now available for test

Herbert Rosmanith herp@wildsau.idv-edu.uni-linz.ac.at
Tue Oct 27 23:02:05 1998

>    Initializes SIA registers on the 21143 that prevent a MII transceiver
>    from being detected with certain chip revs.

ok, that seems to work now. the MII is now always found.

>    Once again runs the reset and initialization sequence for 21143 boards
>    with MII transceivers.  This is required on a few boards, like the
>    Adaptec 6911, which use GPIO outputs to enable the transceiver power.

... and even the "LNK"-led is lit.

still, packets are not transmitted ...
the cable I'm using is a TP45 crossover-cable (just two computers connected),
the cable is okay (works with a 21140, but not with 21143 ANA6911/TX-Combo).

also, please correct me if I am wrong, when I "insmod tulip.o options=1",
this sould force 10base2 on the driver ? I still get "no link beat on MII"
kernel messages.

herbert rosmanith